Providing a Voice to the Voiceless on Apple Vision Pro
Merton enables any voice-impaired user to express their needs, thoughts, and feelings naturally and swiftly through a user-friendly interface, enhanced by AI


AI Powered Communication Board

Merton’s AI-powered Communication Board provides an intuitive interface for selecting quick phrases or crafting custom messages. These can be vocalized through Apple Vision Pro or mirrored to an iPad or iPhone. The AI predicts users’ next phrases based on past interactions, significantly enhancing and speeding up communication compared to traditional paper boards or other AAC devices/software.

Pain Tracker

The Pain Board empowers users, especially those with limited or no motor functions, to quickly pinpoint areas of pain on their body using simple eye movements, utilizing just their Apple Vision Pro. This advanced functionality enables individuals to efficiently express their pain — significantly improving the caregiving process by facilitating quicker and more accurate responses to pain management needs when they cannot physically point or speak about their pain areas.

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